We bring smart planning, inspired design and quality construction
to every property we renovate.

Our significant hands-on construction and operational experience enables us to create revitalization plans that are finely-tuned to each property’s unique needs and budget constraints. Further guided by our long-term hold philosophy, we make durable improvements that last in order to preserve this scarce affordable housing well into the future. 


Comprehensive Improvements

Much more than cosmetic, Atlantic American’s property revitalizations are both deep and comprehensive. Essential to satisfying our double-bottom line of environmental and financial sustainability, we employ numerous energy-efficiency and resource conservation measures. Typically, we are able to realize at least 30% savings in energy and water usage. Our property revitalizations also utilize the precepts of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design as part of a multi-faceted effort at reducing crime and increasing resident safety, which measures often result in 40% or greater reductions in reported crime. Building life-enhancing amenities like community centers, playgrounds, ball courts, pools, and community gardens are another essential element in fostering happier, healthier residents and building an important sense of community. Further, all renovations include wide-ranging accessibility improvements for persons with disabilities.  

We commend you and your staff for the wonderful job you have done in making upgrades to mechanical systems, appliances and the overall building envelope that reflect a real concern for our environment and for the residents.

K.C. McGurren
Executive Director

The dramatic transformation of this property will significantly improve the quality of life for its residents and will provide them greater comfort and safety... and enable them to achieve better lives for themselves and their children.

City Council of The City Of Virginia Beach, Virginia


Efficient and effective

Having an in-house general contractor, which has renovated over 42,000 apartment homes across the country, provides Atlantic American with a substantive competitive advantage in reducing construction costs and ensuring overall quality. Our unique in-house structure enables us to work efficiently—which means we can do more with less while completing projects on time and within budget. We are able to respond directly and quickly to the inevitable challenges that come with large-scale renovations and have the flexibility and resolution to go outside the scope of work to fix the unexpected the right, long-term way. Importantly, we are highly-experienced in performing renovations with residents in place and in minimizing disruption to their lives throughout the revitalization process. 


We listen to stakeholders

Ours is a team approach to revitalizing affordable apartment communities, recognizing that there are many voices to be heard and experiences to be gained from. We seek input from various stakeholders—governmental bodies, residents, neighbors, lenders and investors—and work hard to address their needs and concerns. By engaging professionals in architecture, engineering, environmental science and property management we develop plans that solve problems and improve lives.